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Defining the Line : Innovative manufacturers of performance oriented marking application and removal equipment

MRL manufactures the most innovative and technologically advanced road marking equipment available. Dedication to result oriented engineering, customer satisfaction and performance based ROI have provided MRL clients across the globe with leading edge solutions.

MRL Model 4-8000-DPT
Model 4-8000-DPT
Thermoplastic Stripers
MRL Model 3-610-ADH
Model 3-610-ADH
Line Removal/Saw Cutting Trucks
MRL Model 8-275-E
Model 8-275-E
Plural Component Stripers
MRL Model 1-500-AA
MRL Model 1-500-AA
Traffic Paint Stripers
What Our Clients are saying…
The truck rides so smooth and quiet, I sometimes forget I am not in my car and drive it home by mistake.
Dave Stetson - Stripe Rite, Inc.